Commodore's Column


by Billie Land

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Dan and I spent the month of August north in Canada on our boat. We have visited some new and some old haunts. The weather has been hit and miss. Mostly thick gray clouds have blanketed the sky, dimming the sunlight. There is so much power in the wind and waves. I am always amazed how much energy is created by the wind and confused waves with the currants. Water demands a lot of respect. Being an engineer with a specialty in hydrology and hydraulics I am very humbled with the forces that water can create. It can be so fluid you can break into it and swim and hold it, yet sometimes be as sharp as a knife cutting thro as it cuts through rocks and mountains. It can be so powerful that it propels a multi-ton boat forward in tranquil waters, yet it can be so turbulent to rock that same boat to distress. We have seen both scenarios on this latest trip. Though we did not experience a lot of distress; we did have to alter our course and seek protected harbors several times. Gently rocking in a protected harbor while enjoying the fantastic views that God has allowed us to experience are beyond measure.

In September, there are many events offered at the club. Saturday, September 21st at 5:00 pm will be the Nomination of Officers and Directors meeting at the Wreck Room. This meeting is to announce the club nominations of Officers and Directors for next year. Your nomination committee has been hard at work obtaining volunteers to serve the club in 2020. The nominees will be voted on by the club members at the Election of Officers meeting on Saturday, October 19th at the Bay Club. Meals at the Wreck Room for both events are free to members. You must register online for each of these events. Check your club calendar for details.

There will be a Marine Exchange at the Wreck Room on Saturday, September 28th. Bruce Johnson will be speaking on his Transatlantic Race experience starting at 3:30 pm.

A Marine Electrical course by the Point Wilson Sail, and Power Squadron will begin at the Wreck Room on Thursday, September 12th and continue every Thursday through November 14th. This course can be used as a reference guide for anyone interested in properly maintaining their boat electrical system and/or effectively communicating with marine technicians. I am enrolled in this course and excited to see what they have for us.

Also, there are many wonderful food events for September. Come and enjoy what our September food coordinators have for our enjoyment. A big thank you to all the volunteers that keep this club running. We appreciate you all.

See you at the club!